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Introvert? Ambivert? HSP?

Hey hey, So I saw this tweet floating around Twitter (hi, follow me ) recently and I could not agree with it more. I did a personality test the other week and it said I was 83% introverted which didn't surprise me. Call it 'only child syndrome' but I absolutely love my own company - no, not because I think I'm fabulous, I just get exhausted when I have too much social interaction. It's strange though, because I've had people say to me 'oh but you're so confident', 'you're so loud', 'you like spending time with people'; it's true, I do enjoy spending time with others and doing fun things, but it gets to a point where I've just had enough and want to leave. I've read a few articles about being an 'extroverted-introvert', or a 'social-introvert', or even an 'ambivert' so clearly it's not just me. Reading around the subject, I've also read things about being a ' Highly Sensitive Person

Rose-tinted glasses

Oh hey there, remember me? To be honest I'm not sure if I can even remember how to write blogs anymore so no problem if you've forgotten about me! So anyway, I wrote this tweet the other day ( follow me if you want! ) - and a couple of people responded and encouraged me to write a post about it! (Hi C & B! 😂) I think about this kind of stuff all the time , and it's kind of linked to my  post  that I wrote about the question of 'what if'. I don't even know how it happens sometimes, I can hear a song, see an advert, smell a familiar smell and I'm immediately taken back to a time with someone even if I haven't thought about them, let alone spoken to them for months or years. But it happens, I don't even know what triggered it the other night but I just started thinking about memories with people who aren't in my life anymore and it got me thinking: thinking about the last conversation I had with people, not knowing that that was going to