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Ignorance isn't bliss for those on the other end of it

So good news, I have a new job! I am now a Workplace Wellbeing Coordinator - ooo fancy. I'm basically working with my place of work to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the workforce. As a result of this, I have been to quite a few meetings in my first week and have had the pleasure (?) of hearing some people's thoughts on mental health conditions, and what these have made me realise is that we still have a massive way to go. Remember when one of the newspapers said a different food gave you cancer each week, and we'd stop eating it, realise there wasn't really a lot of evidence and then went back to normal? Well I think the same thing is happening with mental health illnesses. It seems at the minute that every other week there's a new cause of mental illness, and as soon as someone has seen that one headline, there's no changing their mind. And these people who are not open to other opinions and reasons can be the start of a stigma; which is sca