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Not everyone you lose is a loss/Appreciation post

I don't really know how to start this, and as of writing this, I'm not sure if I'll even publish it, I feel like writing this just to get it out there and 'on paper' as such. **Disclaimer: of course, this is about real people, and real friendships, but I don't mean anything as a dig to anyone, it's just facts from how I've seen things...not trying to bring up dead drama.** All my life, I have struggled with making friends: I guess being an only child is part of it, and I wasn't used to socialising at a young age, but I still remember my mum forcing me to "go and ask that girl if you can play with her" every summer holiday, and I HATED it. It got to the point where I managed to persuade mum and dad let me take a friend on holiday with me instead. This hatred of speaking to new people still hasn't changed... I don't know if you could call it social anxiety, but I definitely have some sort of anxiety surrounding meeting n