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I remember this time last year as if it was yesterday and it's crazy to think that I'm going into my second year of university. I know how terrified I was last year though because I hate change, and I had just started having panic attacks and my anxiety had got worse, but being anxious and apprehensive about leaving your school and family life which you have known for years to go to a massive city with thousands of people is completely normal! As with all of my blog posts, this is completely from my own experience of being a fresher, and everybody's experience will be completely different depending on the type of person you are and the university that you are at, but here's some things I learnt during my first year at Cardiff: Everybody is terrified. Teachers, parents, friends, they all tell you to not be scared because "everybody is in the same boat", and yes, that's true, but it doesn't prevent the awkward greetings with your housemates. I was