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Happily Never After

Why aren't movie characters real? Okay, so I accept and acknowledge that Jack Dawson, Noah Calhoun, Alex Stewart and any character that Channing Tatum has played do not exist and are only fictional, but why? It's characters like Superman, Harry Potter and The Doctor that cannot ever be possible, but why is being a genuine, lovely, caring person who loves every bone of someone's being, and just wants to love them and wants them to be happy, so impossible to find or be? Surely these characters were based on real people, and if that's what girls and guys wanted then, why don't people want that now? The culture that we live in now makes these characters impossible to even imagine. This culture only praises the ' LADS ' who sleep with and fuck over girls by the dozen, with their idols being Gaz and Scotty T, which in return is making girls idolise the Geordie Shore girls and other similar types of people, i.e. unhealthily skinny, fake, slutty idiots.