50 Shades of Grey Review

So I went to see the 50 Shades of Grey film on Wednesday after reading the first book and having my mum summarise the other two for me, and I have to be honest, I loved it. This blog will probably end up being a bit of a rant because some people's views on it have really infuriated me. Obviously, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but I believe that the people who have no idea about the subject and just go along with the opinion of everyone else, are not entitled to their opinion to be honest.

Coming from a person who has read the book and seen the film, 50SoG is NOT about rape and/or domestic abuse, it is just the story of an unlikely pair coming together to have sex in the beginning, but ultimately (spoiler alert) fall in love, get married and have two children. Just because Mr Grey uses handcuffs, ropes and cable ties to tie Ana to the bed, it does not mean that she is there against her will. For those who have no idea, Christian first introduces The Playroom to Ana and tells her that if she does not want to be a part of this life, she can leave, she does not have to partake if she doesn't want to. Christian gives Ana a contract which gives full detail of his expectations as the 'submissive' and the pair have a business meeting to discuss the terms, and Ana removes any responsibilities/activities that she is not willing to do. Christian removes these from the contract, ergo, not making her do anything that she does not want to. Ana returns to Christian's apartment when she feels ready to be his submissive, he makes sure that this is what she wants, and eventually Ana is found in The Playroom. Ana is also given safe words of 'yellow' and 'red' which when said, will mean that Christian must stop whatever he is doing, again, not doing anything that she is not comfortable with.

Inevitably, Ana starts to fall in love with her dominant. There are parts of Christian that she doesn't understand, and she wants a relationship with him, not just the sex. She wants to be a 'normal couple', but Christian had told her many times that he didn't do relationships, he just wants to be pleasured and to give pleasure. However, Christian starts to fall for Ana in return, and Ana begins to receive more: they go on dates, they attend each other's family events; Christian starts to change for Ana, she's different to his other women. As the books continue, we see him fall in love with her in return. At the end of the film, Christian punishes Ana which leaves her heartbroken as she hoped that Christian wouldn't be able to hurt her like that, but she asked him to do the worst thing he could to her, so that she would understand him, therefore it still isn't rape or domestic abuse.

I'm not sure what else I can say to fight for this point that 50SoG is not publicising rape or trying to dress up abuse as a kinky fetish. People have these fantasies and lives all over the world, and this is complete FICTION. Just think about it, 'The Hunger Games' sees children murdering children, 'The Handmaid's Tale' is set in a society where rape is legalised and 'The Kite Runner' sees a young boy being raped by a teenager, however nobody has reacted to those films in the way they have to this. Another point to add also, is that E.L. James did not write this book to become such a massive success, she wrote it as a fan fiction about Twilight and posted it online, with no expectation of the viral reaction. This is also why although I accept that it is horrendously written, I'm not going to batter it because of it. 

Before seeing the film, I had heard horrendous reviews that the acting was awful, the script was awful and just the film in general, was awful. I couldn't fault it! It's as if others who have gone were looking for mistakes and things to moan about. When I watch films, I fully immerse myself into the film and just follow the story rather than looking at the technicalities and for the mistakes. There are obviously flaws in all movies, but the audience has just fully enjoyed it, and not picked it to pieces.

Finally, just because a few people have said that 50SoG is about rape and domestic abuse, does not mean that everyone has to follow the idea. Not going along with the belief that many people have towards this phenomenon doesn't mean that you are pro-rape and so on, because trust me, I am fully against any kind of abuse, whether that be sexual, mental or physical. I'm just not going to call everything rape which seems a lot of people are doing about this.

It's okay to have your own opinion! Personally, I will be first in line for a ticket to see '50 Shades Darker'!


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