New Year: Making Things Happen

2014: Well it's definitely had its highs and lows: I finished school with 3 A Levels at grade A, got into my first choice university of Cardiff, had the best summer of my life, had the best holiday in Magaluf (so classy), met the best guy in the world and started university. With all these highlights, obviously there has to be lowlights: left the safety and comfort of my school, lost the best guy in the world, drifted from people I thought I'd always be close to, and I have recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

2015: I do not intend to use the clich√© 'new year new me', but I want to try and make achievable resolutions which probably sound very philosophical but make a positive difference in my life. I want to try and do more things that I want to do, whether it will get me anywhere or not; this blog for example. To be completely honest with myself, they are made with good intentions but I honestly don't know how long they will stay at the forefront of my mind.

Some of my resolutions are just the usual, relatively easy things, but others go a bit deeper. So, the resolutions:

Less fizzy drinks - Ideally I want to make it no fizzy drinks, but with the university life I'm now part of, I can't hack straight vodka or attending 9am seminars without a bit of Lucozade. I want to drink a lot more water.

Exercise - I've actually been quite proud of myself at how often I've been going to the gym in the last couple of months whilst being at uni. With the help of a motivated gym buddy, and the fact the uni rugby team train there, I did start to feel and see a difference before coming home for Christmas. I hope to continue to go 2 or 3 times a week, especially now I've got some amazing new leggings and gorgeous trainers!

Express gratitude - I try and be grateful for the good things in my life, but I know I don't express it enough. I need to tell my friends and family how much I appreciate the things they do for me.

Remove the negative people - A problem for me is that I always give people a second chance, regardless of how much they hurt me. I don't want to never forgive people, but sometimes I find myself giving people a second, third, or even a whole new packet of bullets to shoot me down. I want to try and stop letting people walk over me and just attending my life when they want something from me but are nowhere to be seen when I need someone.

Notice the happy times - A side effect of depression is that you often forget all of the good, positive things that have happened, and just notice and react to the not so good times. My friend sent me a really thought-provoking text a few weeks ago that I fully agree with:

I want to remember this when I'm feeling down and notice the things that are making me happy. I need to stop expecting everything to be perfect and expect the bad things, but expect the good things too.

Hopefully these will have a positive effect on my life and I'll have more good days than bad ones.


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