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Kathy Burke, All Woman

Hello! Any Brits reading this may have seen the Channel 4 programme, Kathy Burke, All Woman over the last few weeks. For those of you that haven't, Burke has been around British TV for years as an actress, comedian, writer, producer and director and is well known for her no-nonsense take on the world. This series follows her looking into the social expectations of a woman in today's society.

Episode 1: Beauty
In episode 1, Burke looks into the sometimes, unattainable beauty standards us women feel we have to live up to. We're living in an Instagram-fuelled world where we have to look perfect every day because that's how we show ourselves online but how are we meant to look like our filtered selfies away from Snapchat? Burke explains it very simply as "it's people fancying each other that makes the world go round" but cannot understand where the pressure to be perfect has come from, going on to say "babies don't come out looking like Beyonce" …

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